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Debbie Perry is the female dog whisperer!

“My mother and I answered an ad in the paper and were rescued by a beautiful 11- month-old unbroken stallion of an American Cocker Spaniel named Charlie Brown! He couldn't walk on a leash or ride in the car, and he jumped on people, counter surfed, and grabbed at our fingers like Jaws! Mom and I were unable to train him ourselves and were on the verge of having to find him a new home. We had Debbie Perry come to our home for 12 visits. It took a few for Charlie to learn from Debbie, but learn we all did! She was firm but positive with this crazy boy! She worked miracles! By the time the training was done, he was all but cured of those undesirable behaviors! Mom and I do not know what we would have done without Debbie! Charlie continues to be a well behaved member of our family. Not only will I hire her again to help train my next dogs, I have asked her to help me choose my next dog! Debbie Perry is the female dog whisperer!” Nancy M.