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1. Can I train my dog myself?

Most people do not have the time or knowledge required to properly train their dogs. They do not understand how much quicker it is to have a professional do the training for them. The foundation  with using professional training will be more solid, which leads to stronger lasting results.

2. Are shot records required?

Please bring a copy of your dog’s shot record. Titers tests are accepted. Dogs must be in good health. No open wounds, coughing, sneezing, or diarrhea please. If you or your dog is ill, your lesson can be rescheduled.

3. How much does it cost to train my dog?

Since each class is tailored to the owner’s and pet’s needs, costs vary. Please contact Courteous Canines, your Orange Country dog trainer,  today for further information.

4. Is there a set schedule or can I start training my dog anytime?

Because you and your pet will be taught on an individual basis not in a group class, lessons can be arranged around your personal schedule. Start date and time of lessons is flexible.

5. Will you come to my home to train my dog?

Yes. Sessions can take place at your home, at the trainer’s facility, or even at a location where your dog may be having issues such as a park with noisy, playful kids or even at the vet’s office.

6. Is my dog too young/old to be trained?

No. You can start training on the first day you bring your puppy home. A puppy has limited attention span so sessions need to be short and fun. An older dog may have a behavioral habit that could take longer to break than if it had been taught not to do the behavior in the first place. With the proper reinforcement, even an old dog can learn new tricks.

7. Do you have experience with my breed of dog?

Chances are good that with so many years of training that if not your specific breed of dog, our trainer has certainly worked with dogs within your group such as herding dogs, hunting dogs, or terriers. Of course every dog is different, but many of the same group types will exhibit similar traits.

8. Have you ever worked with the problem I have?

Throughout the many years of training, it is likely something similar to your issue has been worked on in our classes. Our trainer will know if your situation is beyond our area of expertise and will refer you to another professional if needed.

9. Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Courteous Canines does not work with serious aggression cases. However, in many situations what an owner considers to be aggressive is simply a misinterpretation of the dog’s behavior. Please contact our trainer so she can either help you with your situation or suggest an appropriate trainer who uses positive methods with aggression cases.

10. Do you provide handouts or written material for the lessons?

Yes. You will receive handouts for the skills taught in your lessons. You will also get handouts on other information that may be relevant to your dog such as materials on equipment that will be helpful or treats most dogs love. You are always encouraged to take notes during your training sessions as well.

11. Should all my family members attend the training sessions?

That depends on the schedule of the family and the age of the children. It is always best if the whole family can participate in the lessons. However, in today’s busy world, getting everyone in one spot at the same time could mean never finding a time to train your dog. If that is your situation, pick one person who can attend the lessons then show the rest of the family what was learned. It is very important to maintain consistency, so select a family member the rest will listen to. If your children are young, it is best to have an adult work with the dog until the dog understands the command.

12. How does the trainer successfully communicate with my dog?

The trainer has a love and affinity for dogs. Otherwise she could not train them.  However, the most important job of the dog trainer is actually as a people coach.  The trainer must be able to teach the owner how to interpret what the dog is doing in order to successfully communicate in a way members of two different species can understand.

This skill is something that probably comes naturally to the trainer but not necessarily to the owner. Therefore, the most important skill of a good dog trainer is to be able to communicate with the owners and enjoy the process of teaching them to train their dogs. The owners must be able to replicate the training at home or it will not be successful.

13. How long will it take to train my dog?

Every situation is different. Each dog, person, life style and situation varies. The more time you put into training and follow up, the quicker your dog will learn. Owners must practice techniques taught in class in their homes with their pets.

14. Do you guarantee the training?

Courteous Canines, your Orange County dog trainer, guarantees to offer the best advice and training solutions for your specific needs. Our trainer will give you written material to support what you have been taught in your lessons. Our trainer is also available to answer your questions by email or phone.

Training your dog aids in establishing a predictable response to a set command. Since results are dependent on owner compliance, and the trainer will not be present for most of the time spent between dog and owner, it would be irresponsible and misleading for us to guarantee results.