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Courteous Canines also services areas of Los Angeles and Riverside counties that border Orange County. Please contact us for further information.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training is also available with your Orange County dog trainer. These courses build on your dog’s behavioral foundation by introducing a whole new set of challenges and skills. Whether you’re interested in competing or are just looking to have fun and get some exercise, these courses will refine and strengthen your dog’s behavioral skills so you can get more out your relationship.

dog trainer orange county 2Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Certification program offered by the American Kennel Club that rewards dogs in the community who are well trained and exhibit good manners. It underlines the importance of responsible dog ownership. Lessons cover everything needed to prepare your dog for the CGC test.


dog trainer orange county 9Therapy Dog Preparation

Learn the skills your dog needs in order to pass a therapy dog test. Our trainer is an evaluator for Bright & Beautiful and can administer the test.




dog trainer orange countyAgility

Fast and fun and one of the best team building sports available for you and your dog.  Whether you are looking to challenge yourself in competition or just want to have an enjoyable time, agility provides great physical and mental stimulation for both of you.


dog trainer orange county 3Rally Obedience

Consists of a course with multiple stations at which your dog must perform the requirements as directed by the handler. It is a great way to expand your basic obedience skills and have fun with your dog.



dog trainer orange county 7Behavioral Consultations

Available for owners who are struggling with a specific behavioral issue or problem. A program will be developed to ensure that your dog’s specific needs are addressed. You will have the tools needed in order to reinforce the lessons taught. Please note: We do not work with aggressive dogs.