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Courteous Canines also services areas of Los Angeles and Riverside counties that border Orange County. Please contact us for further information.

Regular Courses

dog trainer orange county 4Basic Manners / Coaching

Learn to train your pet to do the basics. Dogs will learn to sit, down, stay, walk on the leash without pulling, come when called, and no jumping. Depending on time and your needs, additional skills can be learned such as go to a matt, no door crashing, prevention of counter surfing, and leave it.


dog trainer orange county 8Basic Manners / Day Training

Lead a busy work life that doesn’t allow you to adhere to an ongoing dog-training schedule? Then Day Training is for you. While you are at work, Courteous Canines will go to your home and train your dog for you. Your pet will be taught the above basic behaviors. Then once a week, our trainer will meet you at a convenient time and teach you what you need to know in order to reinforce and maintain the lessons your dog has learned.

dog trainer orange county 10Head Start Puppy Training

Learn how to prepare your home for the new addition including all necessities for your new arrival. Courteous Canines teaches you the basics like crate training, house training, biting, chewing, nutrition, exercise, socialization and more. You will be prepared from the first day your puppy arrives. You will know what to expect and how to respond.

dog trainer orange county 6Puppy Training

Once your puppy is home and settled, our trainer will work with both of you to ensure that you start on the right foot. Training your puppy early is the best way to avoid behavioral issues that may arise in the future.  You will learn how to start teaching your puppy from the very first day with just the right amount of challenges for its baby brain.

dog trainer orange county 1Group Training

(By appointment.) If you and your friends would like to schedule lessons together, let us know and our trainer will arrange everything from the content of the sessions to where the class will be held.