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Any dog would be fortunate to be one of Deb’s students

“I have known Debbie Perry for over ten years – she has been my employee, my student, my instructor, my friend. Her knowledge of animal behavior is exceptional. Her cheerful attitude and encouraging words make her a pleasure to work with. Debbie is always looking for innovative ways to teach a behavior. She recognizes there can be many paths to the end result. Deb thinks about her students and their welfare even when she is away from them. Any dog would be fortunate to be one of Deb’s students.” K. Morris, Founder of Jump Start Dog Sports

Debbie is able to teach them amazing things

“When I got my Standard Schnauzer puppy “Desmond”, we immediately enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten, with instructor Debbie Perry. Since that time I have had Debbie as our trainer for Puppy Prep, Rally Obedience, Home Manners, and Agility. We also adopted Desmond’s litter mate sister, Tilly. My husband has taken Tilly to Agility class with Debbie, and I have sought Debbie’s assistance for behavior issues with Tilly who is a very shy girl prone to nipping. Debbie has a natural rapport with both of our dogs and is able to teach them amazing things, all the while making training a fun and positive experience. Debbie breaks down every step of the training process to make it easy for me to understand; I can then take that knowledge and practice on my own. Debbie doesn’t just train the dogs, she teaches the owners how to train the dogs, all the while making it a very positive and enjoyable process. My husband and I both intend to continue with Debbie for years to come!” J. Marvin

Debbie is awesome!

"I have worked with Debbie for over ten years. Her methods are fun, positive, and most importantly effective. She gives calm, solid instruction that is effective for your dog. I take my puppies to Debbie for lessons and have referred many people to her for solving behavioral issues.” L. Barbee


Debbie has ability to understand what your dog might need

“I have known Debbie Perry for more than ten years and can attest to her core value of concern for animals’ well being. How many people do you know who rescue opossums? Why is this important when selecting someone to work with you and your dog?  Because for Debbie it is not just a job but a vocation. This translates to the ability to understand what your dog might need to address problems and become a happy family member or to introduce you to the path of good behavior.  I have witnessed what she is able to do with positive reinforcement.” M. Dolbow

Amazing experience working with Debbie

“My experience with Debbie Perry and Courteous Canines has exceeded my expectations. The training our pups received helped transform them from good dogs to exceptional ones. We have four dogs, a 100-pound Great Pyrenees, Australian Shepherd, Akita, and a six-pound Pomeranian. We started training with Debbie when we decided to have our Aussie try out agility classes. Debbie did such an amazing job with her that over the course of the next eight months, we had two of our puppies board and train with Debbie. She treated them like part of the family, sending pictures, and providing updates daily. Debbie's firm but loving approach has helped mold our dog's behavior. They are well socialized, well trained, and a wonderful part of our family.  I without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for obedience, puppy, or agility training.”  L. Fowler

Debbie Perry is the female dog whisperer!

“My mother and I answered an ad in the paper and were rescued by a beautiful 11- month-old unbroken stallion of an American Cocker Spaniel named Charlie Brown! He couldn't walk on a leash or ride in the car, and he jumped on people, counter surfed, and grabbed at our fingers like Jaws! Mom and I were unable to train him ourselves and were on the verge of having to find him a new home. We had Debbie Perry come to our home for 12 visits. It took a few for Charlie to learn from Debbie, but learn we all did! She was firm but positive with this crazy boy! She worked miracles! By the time the training was done, he was all but cured of those undesirable behaviors! Mom and I do not know what we would have done without Debbie! Charlie continues to be a well behaved member of our family. Not only will I hire her again to help train my next dogs, I have asked her to help me choose my next dog! Debbie Perry is the female dog whisperer!” Nancy M.